Eden Brae Home - Day 2 Appointments

A Job Well Done! With James Treble (Left) and Amy Tanner (Right)

It was a rather interesting day today at Eden Brae with our Interior Designer James Treble.

We completed the following appointments today:

  1. Tiles and Carpet;
  2. Plumbing; and
  3. Electrical.
We also revisited Kitchen Culture to take a look at our quotation and also took another look at the colours for our home.

Tiles and Carpet - Dilorenzo Tiles

We completed our tiles and carpet at Dilorenzo Tiles in Castle Hill and we were looked after by Anna.  James helped us greatly with our tile selection and carpet.  For once we were able to keep within the allowance with the carpet, except we paid $8 per m2 for the best underlay available.  After working a long day, I'm sure everyone would agree that coming home to lovely and comfortable carpet is important.

For the entry, mud, kitchen, dining and family rooms we decided to go for the porcelain tiles.  This is of course over and above our allowance.  We were allowed $24 per m2 for tiles.  The porcelain tiles were $45 per m2 meaning we had to pay an additional $21 per m2 allowance.

Plumbing - Cooks Plumbing

This was rather an interesting appointment as we were pretty much totally unprepared. Due to the location of the bath tub, we were desperate to avoid getting a floor mixer as I knew it was really expensive, but in the end, we really didn't have a choice due to the positioning of the tub in the Master Bedroom, this alone cost us almost $940 including installation.

Other things that we upgraded was that we didn't want a free standing stove and oven in one.  One of the very reasons why we didn't want the free standing stove and oven in one is because it would leave a gap in the stone along the kitchen run where food, sauce, salt or pepper could fall in between the cracks.

I guess the question that one has to ask here is how often do we actually clean underneath a free standing stove and oven?  I've asked many people this including many of my clients who are also building with Eden Brae Homes and the answer I got from all of them is never.

We also upgraded to having 2 x 60cm ovens and upgraded the toilet to ensure there is no gap against the wall.  Yes, it might sound trivial, however, who wants to clean hard to reach places, to be honest.

We also decided to install an Everpure Water Filtration System.

Electrical Appointment

James Treble was really surprised on how well we were prepared for this.  I personally spent many weekends in the Waldorf on display at HomeWorld Kellyville to determine the placement of lights and power points.

We were essentially done within an hour knowing where we wanted things to be placed.  We added a few extra things with James suggestion on lighting e.g. Accent Lighting.  He has done a video on the importance of lighting and it wasn't until I saw the video, it made me think back to what he said made real good sense.

Kitchen Culture

We revisited Kitchen Culture to take out some of the things from our first quotation as decided to do the laundry as per the display home in Kellyville which we felt was more affordable than doing a custom made one via Kitchen Culture.

Revision of Interior and External Colours

After a hard day at the office, we sat down with James to go through the colours of the home one more time to ensure that everything matched up.

James Treble playing around with our External Colours

After some long hard decision, we changed our colours to the following:

  1. Match window frames, Front Door & Balcony frames - Decowood colour to match Garage door;
  2. Sectional Overhead Door - Colour is now Wenge;
  3. Front Entry Frame and Door - Colour is now Walnut;
  4. Balcony Timber / Post - Colour is now Walnut;
  5. Staircase Handrail - Stained colour is now Walnut;
  6. Ensuite Benchtop - Silica; and 
  7. Powder Room Benchtop - Silica.


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