Deletion of "Multi" room but upgraded of other items.

Received a call from Sara Amorelli in regards to our plans for the Waldorf 50.

Unfortunately due to the "Multi" room where it was proposed to fill the void area on the first floor it now exceeds the first floor site coverage allowance.

Apparently, the permissable first floor coverage was meant to only be 30% of 180.1m2 but we were way over it.  As the variation for the room costed $6,480 I did not want to give away the value that we had received from Eden Brae.

As a result, to ensure that the plans will meet council specifications I had no choice but to drop the variation for the "Multi" room however I was allowed to put the amount back into other items.

We decided to upgrade the following items for that amount:

  1. The Gallery (Which would have been just an empty space if we didn't upgrade); and
  2. Provide glass doors to the pantry.

I guess you win and lose sometimes.


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