Welcome to the biggest project of our lives! Building an Waldorf 50 with Eden Brae Homes!

We have recently place a deposit on a piece of land off the plan specifically Lot 17 at Mapleton Grove in Stage 3 at North Kellyville which is a Eden Brae Home and Land package marketed under the Blue Gum Estate.

We are excited to share our journey with you and hope that for those who are considering building an Eden Brae Home this blog will assist you along the way, give you tips and hints and we our course would welcome any advice from you.

So with it the journey now begins!

Over the weekend, we decided to start looking at property in the Kellyville area  We started looking and were driving up towards Allam's Hillrise Estate.  As we were coming back down towards Kellyville on Barry Road, we saw land and home packages being sold by Eden Brae's consultant Jim Busine.  As we were already looking to build an Eden Brae Home we decided to take a look and talk to Kevin Huynh from Eden Brae Homes at Homeworld Kellyville to talk about Stage 3, Lot 17 in Mapleton Grove and expressed an interest in placing a deposit on Tuesday the 17 May when we agreed we would go back to see him.

This morning, Kevin Huynh from Eden Brae Homes at Homeworld Kellyville contacted me to ask if I was still interested in the land because another person had their deposit ready to pay to the consultants. Kevin and Jim both stopped the other person's transaction from taking place as I immediately transferred $2,000 being for:

  • $1,000 for the deposit for the land
  • $1,000 to prepare the tender for the Waldorf 48.

A huge thanks goes to Kevin and Jim otherwise we wouldn't be able to secure the land and kick off the tender process!


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