Correspondence received from Eden Brae Homes & Home Option Gallery

Today we received correspondence from Samantha Skrzypiec, Customer Service Administrator at Eden Brae notifying that she has received our file and that it will be inactive for a few months, primarily due to the land not being registered at the moment.

BASIX cannot be done at the moment as it is only valid for 3 months so it won't be until February at the earliest before they can look at getting BASIX approval.

In addition, we received an SMS and an email from Carolyn Maher at the Home Option Gallery and that the colour appointments must be done no later by the end of February 2017 for our new home.

For the Home Option Gallery, we have been asked to put aside 2 days where:

  • Day 1 involves being scheduled through Kitchens, Plumbing, Air, Blinds , and of course colours . This is all day appointment.

  • Day 2 is usually booked by the consultant at the completion of Day 1 and involves consultations with Dilorenzo tiles, Electrical, and stairs.


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