Signing of Building Contract

Building Contract Day has arrived!

Met with Sara Amorelli today at 2pm to sign the Building Contract and in addition we went through the plans to see if there were any errors whatsoever.

Added and changed the following as a Post Contract Variation:

  1. 2 x Flush panel hinge doors - One for the Laundry Storeroom and the other was for the BED 1 Walk-In-Wardrobe (WIR);
  2. Delete the 'Manhole' to the garage;
  3. Relocate of the air conditioning unit;
  4. Relocate Gas Hot Water System;
  5. Relocate the 4000L rain water tank;
  6. Change the size of the aluminium sliding window for the Home Theatre;
  7. Deleted the aluminium sliding window for the Laundry and replaced with an aluminium awning window; and
  8. BED 1 Balcony Slide Door replaced with French Windows.

Cost of the Post Contract Variation: $2,356.00 (This amount is to be paid at a later date)

Balance of the 5% deposit was also due today, totalling $28,065.40

Once we were all done, we decided to have a selfie with our Tender and Contract Presenter Sara Amorelli as we won't see her again, so thank you Sara for all your help.


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