Tender Appointment

Today we met Sara Amorelli our Tender & Contract Presenter at Eden Brae Homes at Norwest Business Park this morning.

We went through the preliminary plans and how the building will sit on the land based on the information from the developer as well as the tender which tells us what is included and what isn't included into the pricing.  As we are building a Home & Land Package with Eden Brae, the process is so much easier as they cover almost everything and if there is anything that they have to cover in terms of extra costs, they are to absorb the charges.

We apparently got a few things for free which we didn't expect.  When we met Kevin at Homeworld Kellyville a few weeks earlier we included the cost for the fly screens, however because the property has been rated BAL 12.5 which is on the lower scale of a fire prone area, they are apparently included in the fixed price for the building.

We added doors to all the WIR and Ensuites in the home.  We still had to pay a few whilst Eden Brae came to the party with the rest of the doors.

As a condition of the Eden Brae Sale you must accept the tender on the day of presentation which we gladly did.  An additional payment of $2,500 was made to get the Building Contract ready and draw up of plans.

So far the total amount of $3,500 has been paid and this goes towards the balance of the 5% that is to be paid upon signing the building contract.

Contract appointment has been made for Thursday 23 June 2016 at 2pm.


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